Walk on Sunshine this June with our Top Tips

For anyone looking for a walking holiday in West Wales, we believe that well prepared walkers are happy walkers!

As a venue with plenty of walking routes on our doorstep, we want all of our lovely guests in walking boots to get the most out of their stay here with us – so if you’re planning a Pembrokeshire walking holiday, look no further!

You can always chat to our local walking guide for any walking-related advice before you arrive at Gellifawr Woodland Retreat, or while you are here.

You can call him direct (01239 821631) or we can pass a message onto him for you.

So, without further ado – here are our top tips!

  • Walking boots or shoes – ensure these have a good tread and that you have worn them in. Don’t be tempted to walk long distances for the first time in new boots or you are asking for trouble. If you don’t want to buy walking boots or shoes, bring a pair of stout training shoes with a good tread, but ideally you’d really want some properly fitting walking boots.
  • Waterproof over-trousers and jacket – it does, sometimes, rain here (!) and there is nothing worse than being caught out if the weather changes unexpectedly and you are miles from shelter. Good quality waterproof clothing is essential.
  • A warm fleece – a godsend just to slip on if you feel a bit of a chill. Particularly useful when you stop for lunch or a break to soak up these excellent views.
  • Spare socks – if your feet get wet, because you didn’t see that puddle, putting on a pair of dry socks will boost your (otherwise soggy) morale!
  • Hat and gloves – it may be pleasant wandering the grounds of our hotel, but it might well be a good deal chillier at the higher points in your walk and on the coast.
  • A walking pole (or two) – not compulsory and some do not like them but they can be really useful for providing extra stability on slippery parts of any walk.
  • A small rucksack – you will need something to carry the above and also to put your packed lunch and water into. We’d recommend a waterproof fabric, and if you’re planning to carry a lot, a rucksack with a waist buckle gives your shoulders a break.

There we have it! 7 tips for your Pembrokeshire Walking Holiday